Green Leaf Programme

Translating a pledge into meaningful action, the GREEN LEAF PROGRAMME outlines the internal environmental program at The Montenotte Hotel, with a clear list of deliverables to encourage the reduction of carbon footprint and promote sustainability across the operation. As part of our committed, we strive to achieve the following: To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation, measuring;

  • Energy consumption kwh per m2 per annum
  • Litre water per sleeper
  • Kg of food waste per cover
  • Kg of landfill waste per sleeper
  • To develop and implement an annual Environmental Plan that clearly sets out our sustainability goals, actions and KPIs for all departments across the business.
  • To comply with all environmental guidelines set out by our membership with and
  • To comply fully with all relevant legislation outlined by the Government of Ireland.
  • To continuously monitor and update key stakeholders on reductions in electricity, gas, carbon, waste and water consumption.
  • To embed an ethos of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ within the organisational culture when it comes to the resources consumed by our business.
  • To encourage suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment.
  • To support and partner with local suppliers who are as passionate about sustainability as we are.

We have created an internal Green Team, led by Green Champion leader Meadhbh O’Callaghan, who meet every 2 weeks to report and action all green opportunities for the hotel to provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives, as part of their induction and monthly training, We have two electric vehicle charging points in the hotel car park, Front Desk can arrange an eco-taxi for guests upon request

To partner with spa brands whose core values focus on sustainability. For example, Grown Alchemist are committed to protecting and restoring nature’s biodiversity by sustainably sourcing ingredients, promoting fair ethical working conditions and supporting local farmers throughout their manufacturing process

Reducing Carbon Footprint 2024 Goals

A key priority for The Montenotte this year is to reduce our carbon footprint by 13% YOY. To do this:

  • We commit to reducing our water consumption by 14% YOY
  • We commit to reducing our electricity consumption by 11% YOY
  • We commit to reducing our gas consumption by 14% YOY
  • We commit to reducing our landfill waste by 36% YOY
  • We commit to reducing our food waste by 25% YOY

Biodiversity and Pollinator-Friendly Actions

Honouring the biodiversity around us, we are committed to carrying out long term, proactive measures that embody an eco-friendly approach, to balance nature with a working hotel garden through the following:

We create shelter and safety for pollinators with a bee friendly mowing policy, respecting bees, and bumblebee hives. We sow pollinator friendly plants such as catmint and stachys within the rockery, hellebores in shady spots and plant perennials such as autumnal asters and rudbeckias and bee friendly spring bulbs such as crocus, alliums and bluebells.
We are working towards achieving exceptional eco-credentials for the new Woodland Suite development coming in Autumn 2024. The surrounding woodland features birch, lime, oak and sycamore trees with more to be sown as part of the new development including holly.

The Woodland Suite development will also enhance the ground level flora and woodland diversity, with the evolving landscape set to improve the conditions for fauna variety and their migration

Sustainable Meetings and Events

We recognise that our corporate clients wish to gather and meet responsibly. As part of our Environmental Policy we are committed to working with you to create purposeful meetings and events, underpinned by a conscious mindset that supports climate action including the following:

  • Our air-handling units are eco-friendly and only used when required to reduce electricity consumption
  • The lighting in our meeting rooms is produced by energy-efficient bulbs
  • The Gallery Suite is a spacious and light filled space, reducing the need for artificial light on bright days and during the summer months
  • All paper and plastic products used during your meeting or event are recycled including menus, conference paper and glass water bottles
  • All complimentary water in delegate guest rooms are supplied in eco-friendly cartons
  • We ensure that lights are turned off in meeting spaces when not in use
  • All proposals, quotations and contracts are issued digitally, to save on unnecessary printing
  • Our food and drink menus celebrate local producers with as many ingredients as possible sourced within Ireland, reducing food miles and supporting the local economy
  • All glass beverage bottles are returned or recycled

Green Leaf Programme

We recognise that today’s traveller is conscious of their own individual efforts towards climate action, both at home and on the road. To help you play your part, we have rolled-out some simple measures that guests can follow during their stay including:

  • Turn off all lights and electrical equipment when leaving the guest room including phone chargers, laptops, coffee machine, air-conditioning and heating
  • Turn off running taps when they are not in use and be mindful of water consumption
  • Limit the use of air-conditioning or heating where possible and turn it off when a window or door is open
  • Shop locally during your stay and visit some of the wonderful local attractions that Cork has to offer
  • Consider walking, cycling or using public transport where possible during your stay

Recycle during your stay

To help you recycle throughout your stay, you will find dividers in the guestroom bin for paper items, glass, single use plastic bottles and other recyclable materials, while the bin in the bathroom is designated for general waste. Front Desk also operates a battery recycling facility for any guests who would like to dispose of used batteries during their stay.

Re-use linen to conserve water

We all love fresh sheets and a fluffy hotel towel, but we also enjoy great food, full of local ingredients bursting with flavour, breathtaking views and time in nature. While the comfort and preference of our guests is priority, we encourage you to be mindful of water conservation and its impact on the environment during your stay. If you wish to have your towels replaced, please place them in the bath/shower, otherwise our Housekeeping team will assume that you are happy to re-use them.

Your bed will be made-up daily – the ultimate hotel perk (!), with sheets changed every 3 days for long stay guests. Should you wish to have them changed sooner, please dial 0 to contact our reception team, who will arrange this for you without hesitation.

If you have any queries regarding our Green Leaf Programme or Environmental Policy, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.