Protecting our amazing pure Cork landscape and environment is very important to us at The Montenotte Hotel. With everyone working together we can look forward to a cleaner and safer environment. We recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of both our hotel and the hospitality Industry.

The Montenotte Hotel is a member of and which is one of the few Irish environmental certification standards for the hospitality sector and in August 2021, we received our Eco Label accreditation. We are delighted to be part of the Cork Convention Bureau’s GDSI environmental certification programme with along with several fellow hotelier members in Cork city. We are all working together as Team Cork to improve Cork city as a sustainable meeting and events destination.

We are committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations of our guests and employees and with this in mind we have created our GREEN DOG PROGRAMME which is our internal environmental program. To minimise our carbon footprint, we have put the below policies in place.


At the hotel we are committed to the following sustainable activities:

  •   To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation we measure the following: Our room night carbon factor by kg, our room night water usage by litre, a waste diversion rate % and our energy intensity per metre squared.
  •   To produce an annual Environmental Plan setting out our Objectives, Targets and Action Plan
  •   To continuously comply with all the guidelines set out by our membership of and
  •   To comply fully with all relevant legislation outlined by the Government of Ireland.
  •   To reduce and minimize, analyse and report monthly on our waste, electricity, gas, carbon, and water consumption reductions.
  •   To Reduce, Re-use and Recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical
  •   To invite our suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment
  •   Our 10 strong member Green Team led by Green Team leader Bakhti Jienbaev meet every 2 weeks to report and action all green opportunities for the hotel
  •   To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives as part of their induction and monthly training of The Montenotte Way


Throughout the hotel each week have a “Green/Sustainability” training topic for all departments We are also committed to the following sustainable activities:

  • To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis and compare our performance with our policies, objectives, and targets
  • The hotel will soon have an electric vehicle charging point onsite by the end of 2021
  • Our customers and guests will be made aware of our initiatives, and we will encourage them to help us achieve our environmental goals.
  • We also work with on sustainable bathroom initiatives.
  • The hotel occupies a 6-acre site with our own herb garden, wildflower meadow, wooded areas and sunken Victorian Garden.
  • We are a business supporter of All Ireland Pollination Plan 2021 – 2025
  • We gift our guests on departure with a packet of Wildflower Seeds to bring home and plant. A small gift from our garden to theirs.
  • An Eco Taxi can be ordered with the reception team at the hotel for our guests with Free Now our Taxi provider giving you a greener way to get around Cork city. This Eco Fleet of cars in Cork forms part of Free Now’s sustainability strategy to achieve 100% zero emissions by 2030.
  • We are members of the Cork Chamber’s Enterprise Europe Network and their Sustainable Cork yearlong 2021 Programme entitled ‘Circular Economy Training for SMEs’, which offers businesses the opportunity to engage with circular principles and receive tailored application-based guidance on how these can be adopted across business operations. We are on this programme with other companies from the following sectors: manufacturing, plastics and packaging, construction and the built environment, food, retail, electronics and textiles and fashion


Our extensive corporate social responsibility extends that we currently work with a preferred charity which is TRÓCAIRE with their Women’s Empowerment Programme in Rwanda for their TVET placement project. This project targets to provide scholarship to 50 young women who will be part of TVET Training over the next 2 years as this programme aims to promote the participation of women in society.

We were delighted to join forces with Focus Ireland and Bord Gáis Energy this year as we slept out on Spike Island to  shine a light on homelessness on the  15th of October 2021.
Our Director of Sales & Marketing, Ray Kelleher along with several business leaders in Cork city and county slept out to help raise funds for vital homelessness services on the historic Spike Island, one of Cork’s most iconic attractions in October 2021. Corporate support for “Shine a Light Night” is so important, as demand for Focus Ireland’s services has increased over the past number of years. Our fundraising efforts raised over €4500 for Focus Ireland.


For 2021, our KPI's and Green Pledges are as follows:

  • We plan to secure a 5% reduction in Water Consumption at the hotel.
  • We plan to secure a 6% increase in our Waste Diversion Rate at the hotel to nearly 1/3 of all waste
  • Install an electric vehicle charging point onsite at the hotel by end of QTR 4 2021.
  • We will become a Business supporter of All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021 – 2025


We would like to enlist the help of YOU, our guests in achieving some of our environmental targets by requesting you to action the following during your stay.

  •   Turn off lights and electrical equipment when leaving your guest room including phone chargers, laptops, coffee machine
  •   Turn off taps when they are not in use and be mindful of your water consumption
  •   Limit the use of air-conditioning or heating where possible and turn it off when a window or door is open
  •   Shop locally during your stay with us and visit some of the wonderful local attractions that Cork has to offer
  •   Consider walking or using public transport where possible during your visit.

 Should you have any further suggestions as to how we can be more environmentally conscious please let us know!


We are delighted to be a supporter of All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021 – 2025.

Biodiversity and Pollinator Friendly Actions, led by our gardening team include: 

  • We are committed to carrying out long term, proactive measures to help protect and sustain environment for the future generations.
  • With eco-friendly approach we strive to achieve a balance between the nature and a working hotel garden.
  • We create shelter and safety for pollinators with a bee friendly mowing policy, respecting bees and bumblebee hives. We have bee hotels in the garden providing shelter, and plant pollinator friendly plants such as Catmint and Stachys within the rockery, hellebores in shady spots and ongoing planting of perennials such as autumnal Asters and Rudbeckias and bee friendly spring bulbs such as Crocus, Alliums and Bluebells.
  • We communicate our efforts in biodiversity in the guest newsletters and on social media channels.
  • We are working on implementation of bee hives and development of our honey in 2022.
  • Through the planting year, we gift our guests with a packet of Wildflower Seeds to bring home and plant. A small gift from our garden to theirs, 

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan aims to reverse these decline of Ireland’s pollinating bees and insects, making the island a place where pollinators can survive and thrive once again.
For more information visit:



  • Please use your bedroom bin for paper items, glass, single use plastic bottles and other recyclable materials and the bathroom bin for general waste to make separation easy for your Accommodation team
  • Please note that we offer a battery recycling facility at our front desk should you wish to avail of this during your stay
  • If you have any queries regarding our recycling programme, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team


  • Hang up any towels in your guest bathroom that you wish to re-use – please leave towels you wish to be replaced in the bath/shower and these will be replaced when your room is serviced
  • For you our guests to have a comfortable stay whilst being mindful of the environment your sheets will be changed on the third day of a long stay unless otherwise requested.


To make your meeting or event as sustainable as possible and in line with our Environmental Policy we are committed to the following:

  •   Our air-handling units are eco-friendly and only used when required to reduce electricity consumption.
  •   The lighting in our meeting rooms is produced by energy-efficient bulbs.
  •   Our main meeting room is bathe with sunlight which assist’s us in reducing the need for artificial light during the summer months.
  •   All paper and plastic products used during your meeting or event are recycled including menus, conference papers and water bottles.
  •   We offer tap water instead of bottled water on request to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles
  •   We ensure lights are turned off in our meeting rooms when they are not in use.
  •   We e-mail quotations and contracts instead of printing.
  •   We use local food suppliers with all our food sourced within Ireland to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint
  •   All glass beverage bottles are returned or recycled
  •   All food waste generated within the premises is disposed of as compostable waste
  •   We have natural plants in all our meeting rooms to recycle the air you breath.
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