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October 24, 2018

Dermaviduals Skincare at Bellevue Spa Cork


Winter Season is fast approaching therefore face the seasonal changes with the right Facial and Skincare at Bellevue Spa, The Montenotte Hotel.

Skin is like nature it changes seasonal based on humidity level and sunlight.

The beauty of Dermaviduals was that it changes with your skin demands in all seasons and all stresses.

The cold Winter can cause an array if skin problems but Avocado is the perfect solution that contains 99.8 oil. It is high in linoleic acid (which is omega 6) is vital for healthy skin as it is an essential fatty acid. In the skin, linoleic acid is an important part of ceramide 1, which enables us to have a healthy skin barrier function. Palmitic a saturated fatty acid is another component of the skin barrier. Together with ceramides and cholesterol it protects the skin from invasion by foreign substances. Avocado Oil also contains phyto-sterols. These resemble natural cholesterol in the skin and have excellent protective effects.

What skin types/conditions will benefit from Avocado Oil?

1. Atrophic skin as it provides greater nourishment and protection
2. Stressed skin and irritated skin as it calms and nourishes
3. Essential fatty acid deficient skin
4. Dehydrated skin as it reduces trans-epidermal water loss
Skin lacking elasticity
5. Normal skin types as a periodic boost of nourishment
6 . supports skin regeneration, instantly hydrates

How do we use Avocado oil with Dermaviduals

1. Custom blend in the Spa into your prescriptive treatment cream  for the care of stressed, dry and normal skin.
2. Use neat under base cream for increased nourishment.
3. Custom blend with other actives in a Facial and this penetrates the skin , great to use for Facial Massage.

Jennifer McCarthy

Bellevue Spa Manager

We do offer free Skin Consultations and will happily answer any questions you may have.
Please further information please call 021 4530053 or click here to book your treatment online.

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Dermaviduals at Bellevue Spa Cork

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Dermaviduals at Bellevue Spa Cork

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The research documents, the background history, to the houses and the hotels on the site preliminary research was conducted involving the examination of the land records including ordinance survey, name books and letters, the tithe allotment books and valuation office records. The 1901 and 1911 censuses and Cork city street directories were also examined as were street directories since 1867. Other sources used where newspapers for mentions of the Lee view hotel and country club hotel in order to find out more about their history.

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