August 05, 2021


Continuing with our long-standing heritage and commitment to supporting the arts and creating memorable experiences for our guests, we are delighted to announce that the latest Artist in Residence ‘checking in’  at the hotel, is a collection by the renowned contemporary artist Peter Dee who is showcasing his first ever solo exhibition here at The Montenotte Hotel.

The exhibition will take place in the hotel until January 2022 as part of our Artist in Residence programme, in association with The Gallery Kinsale which is now in its fourth year running. The programme aims to support local Irish artists by offering a six month tenure to showcase at the hotel, where guests and visitors can peruse and enjoy at their leisure.


As we welcomed the exhibition to the hotel, our General Manager Brian Bowler stated:
As a hotel that prides itself on design and offering something distinctly different to guests, we are so proud to support the Artist in Residence Programme with The Gallery Kinsale and are delighted to welcome the exciting new collection by Peter Dee to the hotel.”
Peter’s still life compositions transform simple objects into visually exciting and colourful images that breathe new life into the hotel foyer and evoke a sense of calm - something that is very welcome after what has been a tough year for all!  Peter's work is highly sought after and collectable and we are thrilled he has chosen The Montenotte for his first ever solo exhibition. We hope that guests enjoy the new collection as much as we do!



Peter Dee is a self-taught artist and comes from a farming background in Co. Kerry. His work is inspired by the still life tradition of the past and he aims to bring a contemporary look and feel to each painting. Peter’s latest collection ‘There is still life’, was produced during a period of the pandemic when restrictions were high. He aimed to create a collection that would offer a moment of calm to the viewer, allowing time for reflection and a shift of focus from the everyday world. Peter spent this time perfecting each painting, capturing the beauty of everyday objects using clever interplays of light and pops of vibrant colour.


Many people speak to how Peter's work makes them feel calm, with a pared back approach taken to the selection, arrangement and placing of the enamel and ceramic pieces, the fruit that rests in or beside them and the choice of colour pallet.

Peter's work is highly collectable and we are thrilled he has chosen The Montenotte for his first ever solo exhibition as part of our Artist in Residence programme in association with The Gallery Kinsale.

Learn more about our latest Artist in Residence, Peter Dee.

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