A message from the Chef:

This is not new in our kitchen and nothing new in culinary world, we realised that too many recipes relied heavily on an abundance of too many perfect bits, promoting us to take action. I wanted only the minimum vegetable waste to end up in the bin. We needed to discover why we became chefs, creativity in cooking is defined by what you as a chef can do with it, not how quickly it can find the bin or a soup.

But most importantly it is all about showing respect for an ingredient and respect for a farmer. Food is expensive, we owe it to the ingredient to utilise as much of it as possible and to be as innovative as possible for our customers.

It is not always the solution to put it in the stock pot or a soup. But, that’s where we come into play.

How it works:

Waste is constantly changing, and it varies from one day to the next. Therefore, it wouldn’t be practical to have a fixed menu with specific items. Instead, our menu adapts based on the availability of surplus ingredients.


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